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What Geolua is all about

Play outdoor

Playing adventures

Geolua is about playing adventures. Adventures are prepared experiences for your mobile phone. Adventures can lead you to interesting places. They might show you unknown facts about your city.

Adventures are programs running on the Geolua servers. To play them, you open the Geolua website on your mobile phone. Select the adventure you are most interested in and give it a try.

If you are into programming, you can write your own adventure.

To the adventures Scan this QR code to see available adventures on your mobile.
Multiplayer games

Multiplayer games

Playing alone can be boring. Geolua provides adventures that can be played with your friends.

If you are a programmer, writing outdoor multiplayer mobile games has never been easier. You can react to players joining your game, make players scan QR codes and guide them to locations.

Use a compass

Using a compass to reach a destination

Want to get to the next waypoint? Geolua adventures might show you a compass. You can easily find locations using your mobile phones. No more punching numbers into GPS devices!

Scan QR code

Scanning QR codes

Adventure QR Codes are QR codes in the physical world. They mark places, label hidden treasures or allow you to start an adventure.

If you find an adventure QR code, the adventure might reward you in some ways!

Some adventures require the player to scan the QR code displayed on another players mobile phone. It's an easy way to join a running multiplayer game.

If you are a programmer, you can use this feature to build interesting interactions between players. Visit the documentation to learn more about qr codes.

Play outdoor

Developing your own adventures

Geolua adventures are written in the lua programming language. Lua is easy to learn. You can get started by pressing the "Try it" button.

-- My first adventure
    geo.ui.append(event.player_id, geo.widget.text(
        "This can be your first adventure. Click the 'Edit' button below."

There is documentation to get you started.

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